Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Custard Pie Policy??

29 September 2014, 5 pm

There is a lot of CIPA activity on social media today.  I am beginning not to recognise my own Institute.  Blogs and tweets and LinkedIn® discussions, on top of Mr Lampert’s e-newsletter last week?  What is this, a communication strategy or something?

The other blogs and tweets and discussions are about grown-up things like meetings with visiting Chinese attorneys, and the agenda for Congress, and the future of the IP profession.  My blogs are about caramel custard tarts and IT cock-ups.  Let’s hope someone out there has a sense of humour.

29 September 2014, 7.30 pm

…And indeed they do.  On Twitter my blog is referred to as the new CIPA Custard Pie Policy.  I suppose I asked for that.

In fact, I think I quite like it.

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  1. I'm very pleased we have a custard pie policy. Can we move further in the direction of inclusiveness, though, and develop a danish pastry policy and an iced bun policy?