Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Namby-pamby non-core webinars

16 February 2015

I have coffee with someone from ITMA and we discuss our plans for namby-pamby non-core training.  We make a long list of the training events we are going to organise.  But they are unlikely to happen soon, because neither of us has done our namby-pamby time management training.  So we still fall into that trap of thinking something sounds a great idea and forgetting that we haven’t written up the last great idea yet.

Afterwards, I chair a namby-pamby non-core webinar about performance management.  I begin with a very silly introduction in a very silly voice.  As a result, the delegates turn the volume right down on their speakers and can’t subsequently hear the presenter.  Sigh.  I guess if the VeePee were a paid position I would have been fired long ago.  As it is, they are just grateful I didn’t use the Cowtrackingclangingthingen from Österreich. 
I then have a chat with Mr Lampert about the shouty things he is going to put in his next e-newsletter.  He knows by now, as do the webinar delegates, that if you need shouty things, I am the person to come to.  Mr Davies can also do shouty stuff, but his tends to come out decorated with swear-words.  Mr Lampert is not allowed to put swear-words in the e-newsletter.

Finally, I have a chat with Spreadsheet Spurgeon, about CIPA’s budget for the year after the year after the one that happened a while ago, which is two years before the one that nobody cares about yet.  He shows me a spreadsheet.  He asks how many namby-pamby non-core webinars we are going to put on next year.  I say thousands, because I remember the plans I made with my friend from ITMA.  But, I add, they may not be as profitable as last year because I might not have time to organise speakers. 

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