Sunday, 26 April 2015

Unlabelled receiving means

16 March 2015, 9 am

On my way to CIPA, I manage to post a £20 note into the dustbin section of a self-service checkout. 

In my defence, I was extremely stressed.  The machine had rejected my credit card twice for no reason other than sheer bloody-mindedness, and in scrabbling around for cash from the depths of my straw-filled rucksack, I omitted to look sufficiently carefully at the different available orifices into which said cash might be introduced.  (They were not labelled.)  As a patent attorney, however, I am used to functional concepts: I found a receiving means, and it seemed to receive the £20 note alright, and only then did I spot a more appropriate-looking receiving means elsewhere.

I am so livid, I spend another five minutes inserting straw into the slot, stem by stem, just to teach them to label their receiving means properly.  My loathing for the self-service checkout goes up a notch to only-just-bearable-without-therapy.

I think I am likely to be banned from this shop.

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