Wednesday, 8 April 2015

What I did at half-term

17 February 2015

I have discovered a new gin.  It is called Bath Gin.  But I do not think you are supposed to put it in your bath like, say, a Bath Oil or a Bath Bomb.  So I am drinking it instead.

Bath Gin is made with kaffir lime leaves, so apparently I must drink it with a kaffir lime leaf in.  I am not impressed with the result.  It makes the gin taste like a Thai curry.  Not that I have anything against Thai curry: I just do not think it goes well with tonic. 


18 February 2015

There is a misunderstanding on the domestic front and my family accidentally take me to the seaside for the day.  The seaside is strewn with fish and chips and people trying to pretend it isn’t cold and smelly.  Still, I have to concede it is better than London, where people don’t even bother pretending.

While I am away:

  • the new Education & Professional Standards Committee launches its recruitment campaign.  Its chairman has recorded a come-join-me video.  It is an engaging video, with a warmth and humanity not often seen in patent attorneys, although I suspect it will not go viral.
  • the Patents Committee writes to the EPO telling them how to run themselves properly, and Mr Lampert shouts a lot about how great and influential CIPA is, which is true, but I think perhaps Mr Battistelli might have a different way of describing it.
  • emails pour in from people volunteering to join the diversity task force.  They have obviously not read my Action Plan properly.
  • Mr Davies returns from the dead.  Though only just.  He is still quite fragile, obviously.
  • A couple more people volunteer to stand for Council.  They have obviously not read the last three Council reports properly. 

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