Saturday, 6 December 2014

Stir-Up Sunday

23 November 2014

Today is the day you are supposed to make your Christmas pudding.  It is called “Stir-Up Sunday”.  I figure that if all that’s involved is stirring, then even I ought to be able to do it.

There is a Christmas pudding recipe in a Delia Smith book.  It is quite a long recipe, but if you take the big picture view you can précis it down to:

                1 bag of muesli + 1 bottle of rum + 1 jar of mixed spice

This seems to work OK.  We stir in a five-pence piece (pre-soaked in Dettol® – I am not stupid) and leave it to steep for 24 hours.

Thus inspired, I turn to the Christmas shopping.  It is only a month till the Big Day and there is a lot going on at CIPA before then, so I have to start early.  But Christmas shopping is easy these days.  I go online, find something that looks reasonably edible, and order 36 of them.  Then, because I think I ought to help with the Christmas dinner too, I go online, find a nice bottle of wine, and order 36 of them as well.  Easy peasy.

I hope people like their fish pies.


24 November 2014

Nice porridge.  Bit of a festive flavour to it, actually.  With high notes of… mmm, Dettol.


Will my children believe me when I tell them that the steeping process results in the addition of a plastic pot, some cellophane and a Sainsbury’s® label? 

– Possibly not, but then, they don’t believe that thing about Father Christmas either.  They say: if Father Christmas were real he wouldn’t have brought us those beef lasagnes last year.  I say: yes he would, I mean yes he did, and he put reindeer meat in them specially.  And then everyone cries and refuses to eat lasagne ever again.

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