Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Big CIPA Happy Family

25 November 2014, 10 am

Mr Davies and I meet some more CIPA members in a trendy part of London.  CIPA members seem to be everywhere these days.  One of them is a solicitor, who was so keen to become part of the CIPA community that he has started training as a patent attorney.  So we must be doing something right.

We talk a lot about commercial training, and about people in private practice learning from people in-house and vice versa.  I am tempted to refer to this as cross-fertilisation but I am worried that will come across as rude so let’s just call it heresy instead.

We also talk about extending CIPA membership to other IP interest groups, like solicitors and searchers and tech transfer officers and IP administrators.  This too is heresy.  But it might be good heresy because then people wouldn’t have to go to the lengths of training as a patent attorney in order to feel part of the Big CIPA Happy Family.  It is a pretty desperate move, embarking on patent attorney training; usually people only do it to avoid ending up as an accountant.

I am all for opening up CIPA membership.  The more members we have, the more time Mr Davies and I can spend eating biscuits with them.

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