Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Getting organised on diversity

18 December 2014

Today’s mini-crisis hinges around my January meeting on diversity.  The IP Lady Minister wants to see the agenda so that she can write her speech.  I have not done an agenda.

I can either confess to being a disorganised numpty or I can write an agenda very quickly.  I take the second option.  I draft a document explaining how the meeting will explore diversity upstream of the profession, at the gates to the profession and inside the profession.  I allow time to discuss the use of cufflinks and of loyal toasts and multiplexed cutlery systems.  I also list the aims of the meeting, which are basically to agree some stuff we can do to make the IP professions more diverse, like having different colours of cufflinks and dispensing with the fish course at ceremonial banquets.

It will be my job to chair the meeting, but I am not sure how fierce I can be in the presence of a Lady IP Minister.  I will definitely need a flip chart this time.

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