Friday, 30 January 2015

Regional meetings and plots

8 January 2015

Today I am trying to plan some regional meetings, to keep the out-in-the-sticks CIPA members happy.  We are going to be radical and not hold the meetings on Fridays, because if you make people talk to other patent attorneys on Fridays they feel like the weekend has not begun at all.  Better to make them talk to other patent attorneys on a day when they are already feeling miserable.

Finding dates that suit everyone who needs to be there is tricky.  The President clearly has to be there but she is very busy.  Mr Davies says he has to be there and if Mr Davies is going to be there obviously I have to be there too because we are battling for supremacy and I am not going to let him think he can just go round the country saying Mwa ha ha to CIPA members whenever he feels like it.  Our Chief Shouty Person Mr Lampert ought to be there too, to tell people what he has been shouting about lately, although to be frank if you are in Media & PR surely you can find ways to shout at people from remotely, like loudspeakers and holograms and things. 

Anyway, in the end we have a list of dates and this is good because I can start planning some more of my Meet-the-Members gigs in all sorts of parts of the country even those that are not on the M1.  Only I don’t think I am going to let Mr Davies come along any more, because he is obviously plotting to thwart my plans to rule the world.  That may be why he told me to stand very still by the dartboard that time in the smelly pub in Leicester.

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