Monday, 9 February 2015

A not especially effective woman in IP

19 January 2015

I am trying not to be miffed at the fact that there is going to be a “Women in IP” forum and I have not been invited.  I am not doing very well at not being miffed.

I am prohibited from speaking at the Women in IP forum because I am a nasty private practice person, and all that private practice people care about is making money, unlike corporations.  So if I were to take to the stage, I would probably embarrass everyone by plugging my firm shamelessly when I was supposed to be talking about patent strategies or something. 

I would of course be allowed to plug my firm shamelessly if I paid for the privilege I mean sponsored the event.  This is not going to happen because medium-sized firms like mine cannot afford to sponsor London conferences; we prefer to sponsor people doing a three-legged pub crawl or a Pimp my Pasty competition.   

Oh well.  It is their loss, not mine.  I may not know much about IP, and to be honest I may not be an especially effective woman either, but I do a thumping good monologue about straw.  And I have an important take-home message for Women in IP: do what you like; do the unexpected; drop straw everywhere – the men will not know how to react and while they are busy not knowing how to react, take over.  Mwa ha ha!

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