Thursday, 5 February 2015

What it says on the CIPA tin

16 January 2015

Mr Davies has been thinking about who we should let into CIPA.  Luckily, he has not quite decided that window cleaners would make good Council members, but I’ll bet he’s considered it once or twice in his darker moments.

No, Mr Davies has decided that the problem might be with our name.  So long as we are called a Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, he says, we will feel we are an exclusive club for patent attorneys.  Which, put like that, does not sound unreasonable.  So then he starts on about Ronseal® tins which do not have patent attorneys in but what they do have is a nice clear label that tells you what to expect when you open them.  I don’t know, SPAM or something.  Or possibly blokey things to do with rivets or power tools or shed decor.

Anyway, says Mr Davies, we must be like Ronseal and put the right label on our tin.  We could call ourselves the Chartered Institute of People Who Are A Bit Interested in IP.  Or even better, he says, we could be the Chartered Institute of Stuff to do with IP.  And that way even people who couldn’t spell res judicata would be able to join the Institute and vote and stand for Council but don’t worry, the public would still know that the Institute wasn’t full of SPAM. 

Mr Davies writes a seditious article setting out some heretical questions and is going to publish it Very Soon.  He has fallen nicely into my trap.  No-one will ever take him seriously again.  Mwa ha ha! 

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