Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Defacing flip charts

23 January 2015, 11 am

Today is not a Council meeting.  The purpose of this not-a-Council meeting is to gather our thoughts for a CIPA manifesto.  It is so exciting to think that soon we will have a manifesto of our own, like the Law Society’s only more precise and better punctuated.  Mr Lampert is ready with his desktop publishing kit and I am ready to tell him off for putting macho pictures on the front of the document.

Unlucky Gary has ordered us a new flip chart specially.  There are now more flip charts in CIPA Hall than there are in the whole of Somerset.  In groups of four, we deface them systematically with our ideas about what’s on the horizon for the UK IP profession and what we need to lobby important people about once we’ve reminded them that IP exists.  One of the flip charts has already been defaced for us, although with something more graphic than you would really want to lobby an MP about.

When the flip charts are full, Mr Davies takes over and we talk about something completely different.  But the stuff we came up with is important because it tells us what CIPA and its committees should be looking out for over the next twelve months and I’ll bet the committees will love us for that.  Gary is going to photograph the flip charts so that we have evidence that Council did once do something strategic, and we will put the photographs in the CIPA album.  If you have not seen the CIPA photograph album, do please ask Mr Davies to show it you.  It is a bit cobwebby but extremely dignified.

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