Sunday, 15 February 2015

Proper chairing

22 January 2015, 10.30 am

Once Mr Davies has got over his excitement (which is easily achieved by Unlucky Gary making him a second cup of tea), we hold a meeting of the new Administrators’ Committee.  I am not myself an IP administrator: I do not know nearly enough about IP and have spent much of my working life asking IP administrators to get me out of scrapes.  But I am chairing the meeting because I have a reputation for Getting Things Done, even if it is largely by accident that this happens or is due to the metaphorical tractor marks that I leave by riding roughshod over everyone.

This time I do some proper chairing.  We even propose a motion at one stage.  Having proposed it, we second it, carry it and minute it.  You see: I know my stuff after all.

We agree how to progress the updated patent administrators’ course (this tractor will be driven by Ms Sear), and the IPAG conference, and potentially an advanced course.  We discuss what else CIPA can do to support IP administrators, instead of graciously allowing them to pay their associates' fees and then forgetting all about them.   

Ms Sear tells me afterwards that she was scared of all my proper chairing and motion carrying.  I doubt it, somehow.  But if she and I could ever get over our mutual terror and work together on something, we would be an indomitable combination, yes sir.

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