Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Governance & bingo

10 February 2015

Last week, I missed a talk at CIPA about governance.  This is a shame, I think, because I have a lot to learn about governance.  Like: what does it mean?  And: is it catching?  And: what has it got to do with CIPA?   But I do have some ideas of my own, particularly at this time of great debate about the Institute’s future, and I imagine they are not that far off what the speaker said to Council.

I believe CIPA is in need of innovative solutions if it is to become the unique thought leader it aims to be in the dynamic world of intellectual property.  Strategic partnerships with like-minded influencers, by way of an integrated policy initiative, should lead to optimised leverage and a robust and authoritative stronghold.  Detail-orientated tactical discussions should be taken offline, in order to explore potential synergies between seasoned experts and award-winning, possibly revolutionary, policy gurus, but the Institute must circle back to its ground-breaking proposals prior to incepting a rationalisation of objective mind-sets.  Giving legs to this initiative will necessitate 110% upward collateral drift and a blue-skies approach to top-line, criteria-driven superlatives.  Fundamental complexities must be bottomed out and timelines extraparabolated.  However, an interactive approach will facilitate the achievement of cutting-edge actionable takeaways, push-back of envelope boundaries, affirmative contextuals and optimised deliverable takeaways. 

And we all like an optimised deliverable takeaway. 

So.  I believe I have more than completed the Buzzword Bingo challenge I took up via Twitter® the other day.  Result.

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