Sunday, 1 February 2015

Plans for Congress 2015

14 January 2015, 11.30 am

The Congress Steering Committee is beginning work on the 2015 Congress.  First we do a fifty minute warm-up session on Things We Have Already Discussed But Just Want To Be Sure About.  Then we can put off the moment no longer when we have to decide on a theme for the event.  There is a very long pause.

I suggest we could perhaps look at things from the point of view of the end users, and ask: Is the IP System Fit for Purpose?  I realise this is a slightly dangerous suggestion bearing in mind I have already been told off for undermining public confidence in the IP system by making it sound STUPID in my diary.  So I make clear that obviously the answer to the question is going to be: Yes Of Course the IP System is Fit for Purpose and We All Love It Long Live the IP System!!

But then I realise that actually people quite like the topic and that some of them are already planning the first session, which will ask: Are Our Clients Fit for Purpose (or are they just numpties who don’t understand the IP system no matter how loudly we explain it)?  And I feel perhaps this might be missing the point somewhat but I don’t like to say.

Then we talk about the President’s Dinner, which is usually held at Congress.  This is a delicate topic, because there is a risk that come the 2015 Congress, yours truly will have mutated from VeePee into Pee and they are not sure my idea of a formal banquet is quite the same as theirs.  Too right it’s not.  If I get to be Pee (Mwa ha ha!) then the President’s Dinner will be a President’s Bar Meal, and we will all eat chicken-in-a-basket and be glad of it. 

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