Monday, 2 March 2015

Good intentions

28 January 2015

I am delighted to learn, from a public source, that my Not-so-Secret Diary is improving.  This is in no small part thanks to my tireless critics, who have shown me the rubbishness of my ways and tutored me patiently in the art of how to write something so innocuous that not even a patent attorney could take offence at it.  I salute them.

My confidence thus boosted, I write a Statement of Intent to show that CIPA really does care about diversity and really will do something about it.  Although this will not cure everybody's problems all at once, it should at least make the IP professions look more attractive to those peering in from the outside, particularly the ragamuffins.  Otherwise I have this mental picture of the EyePeePee as a young ragamuffin, all grazed knees and grimy fingernails, pressing his sooty nose against the CIPA windows and gazing longingly at the world within – a world of elegant banquets and fine claret and cigars, and shiny tie pins and of course particularly red walls, knowing he will never feel at home there with his 1s 2d savings and his pocketful of dripping sandwich, and wiping his nose on his sleeve with disappointment.  Dear reader, if that image does not fill you with sadness and compassion then my Diary is even rubbisher than I thought.

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