Monday, 23 March 2015

Dinner & drinks, in a Catnic kind of way

12 February 2015, 8 pm

We have made it to the post-seminar dinner.  The 5 hours of CPD, subtropical conditions and belligerence of the hotel staff have induced a spirit of camaraderie.  We push our three dinner tables together to make the evening more cosy.  The waiters complain that this will make their jobs almost totally impossible but by now we have ceased to worry about inconveniencing our service providers.  We tell them to deliver the drinks at one end and we will pass them round ourselves, thank you.  They huff and grumble but we are not to be moved.

We eat well.  We drink even better.  By the end Mr Davies can only stand up with external assistance.  Which is not forthcoming, since the rest of us are only just vertical anyway, in a Catnic kind of way.

Mr Davies falls over.

So, actually, we are still here at midnight after all.  Once again Liverpool pulls down its blinds, bars its doors and turns off its lights in the hope that Mr Davies and I will not come looking for soup.  I get the impression that the entire population of this city needs client care training.

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