Monday, 9 March 2015

Ideas for soup

8 February 2015

I have become an expert on Making Soup.  Over the last, essentially toothless, seven days I have had a go at turning pretty much everything into soup. 

I am a veritable Soup Dragon, in fact.

Some of these initiatives worked better than others.  For example, the following were very successful:

  • Grapefruit soup (not dissimilar to grapefruit juice: come to think of it, I could have saved myself the effort with the spinning-blade thingy).
  • Muesli soup (not dissimilar to porridge: ditto).
  • Carrot and dry roasted peanut soup (like carrot soup, only tasty).
  • Double gin and tonic soup.

The following were, I concede, slightly less successful:

  • Brie and crusty baguette sandwich soup.
  • Smoky bacon crisp soup.
  • Side-salad soup.
  • Chocolate biscuit soup.
  • Fish and chips soup.

Still, I pride myself on being open-minded, and from the inside of my head pretty much everything’s worth a try.  This is of course what scares people on Council: they worry that if I am not kept in check this year, I will attempt the Presidential equivalent of a Cornish pasty soup at CIPA.  Think of the mess that would make.

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