Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The need-to-know webinar

10 February 2015

I tune in to the CIPA and ITMA webcast about ABSs.  It all looks most professional.  Of course, we do not have very fast broadband in Zummerzet, and so every now and then the image on my screen freezes, which is unnerving because I keep thinking the speaker has died and wondering if I should email someone at CIPA to tell them.

The webcast was supposed to take us through the application forms for getting your ABS licensed.  However it turns out the application forms are Top Secret and only released on a need-to-know basis, and you only need-to-know if you are already in deep trouble for being an ABS and not having applied for a licence.  If you are only considering being in deep trouble you are not allowed to look at the forms.  And if you are trying to help people who are in deep trouble or who are considering being in deep trouble, you are not allowed to look at the forms because you might show them to someone who isn’t in deep trouble and doesn’t need-to-know and you cannot have people wandering around knowing things they don’t need to know.

I wonder how it would be if the IPO only allowed you to look at a Form 9 once you had accidentally filed a search request without one.  Frustrating, I imagine.

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