Saturday, 1 November 2014


24 October 2014

What an exciting day! 

The Queen sends a tweet.  Spectacular.  #ProudtobeBritish.

EPO staff vote in favour of a strike.  A little optimistic of them, in the context, but hey.  We will miss their coffee breaks.  #ProudnottobeFrench.

David Cameron refuses to meet the EU’s demands for a further £1.7 billion.  #ProudtobeBritishnotEuropean.

WIPO publishes a Practical Guide to Intellectual Property and Folk, Arts and Cultural Festivals, a must-have read second only to last year’s Practical Guide to Intellectual Property and Family Outings which features a special supplement on Intellectual Property and Steam Fairs by our very own EyePeePee.  #ProudtobeinCIPA.

And Mr Davies flies out to Istanbul on what he tells us is CIPA business but is actually an attempt to get as far away as possible from the place where the broken freezer and the broken head gasket are sitting waiting for him.  #Notproud.  #Notproudatall.

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