Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The return of the Happy Hour

5 November 2014, 7.30 pm

CIPA is not looking quite so proper and prudent right now.  The first Happy Hour for many moons has attracted a lot of people and has indeed made them look very happy.  Happiest of all is Mr Davies, who is busy showing his staff how to tie a tie properly.  It turns out Mr Davies is posher than we thought.  He can do a double Windsor knot.

(Note to self: Mr Davies can have a CIPA tie pin for Christmas this year.)

Some of us stay at Happy Hour for slightly longer than an hour.  It seems churlish not to, really.  I decide that the new Bye-Laws must absolutely make Happy Hours compulsory, and that it should absolutely be part of the Pee’s and the VeePee’s remit to attend every single such occasion to mingle with their subjects.  A good leader should be approachable, and indeed I am happy for anyone to approach me if they are carrying a free gin and tonic.

Following the Happy Hour a group of us go clubbing for a while and then we all throw our car keys into the middle of the dance floor which is fine for me because my car is still down in Zummerzet so good luck to anyone who wants to get home that way.  And Mr Davies ties his underpants into a double Windsor knot and downs a triple Southern Comfort® in two seconds.

And then I wake up.  And it was all just a dream.  In fact I am asleep in my hotel room, which is a lovely hotel room, neither too luxurious as to make it look as though CIPA is wasting its members’ subscriptions on Officers’ privileges, nor too cheapskate as to make it look as though CIPA is a second-rate, poor man’s organisation staffed by plumbers, but Just Right.  In fact, most prudently and properly right.  The IGC would be proud of me.

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