Monday 3 November 2014

The Gin Diaries part four

28 October 2014

There is a gin for the day after a fast day.  It is especially appropriate if the fast day did not work, for example because you ate stuff.  It is called Elephant Gin™.

Elephant Gin is a beautiful, beautiful gin in a beautiful, beautiful bottle.  15% of the profits from its sale go to African elephants.  Which is nice, although I’ve no idea what the elephants spend it on.  The gin contains apple and elderflower and ginger and some weird things you might have preferred to be left in Africa – luckily there is not much can survive in 45% alcohol, even something that started out as a flesh-eating parasite.

This one is an eccentric gin.  It is kicking through piles of leaves because you like the sound they make, even though you are old and dressed like a patent attorney.  It is tap-dancing to ragtime piano music when no-one is looking.  It is eating a Creme Egg® filling-first, using your finger to scoop out the good bits, and the same with the froth on the cappuccino at the station kiosk, that doesn’t come with a spoon.  It is saying yes to everything, because most things you say yes to turn out to be fun.  It is, basically, just asking for you to drink too much of it.  And why not?  It’s for the elephants after all.

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