Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Gin Diaries part one

25 October 2014

It will not surprise you to know that in my world, there is a gin for every different mood. 

Today’s mood is autumn.  It is brittle and bright and still largely blue-green, but where the trees meet the sky there are comfort colours like sweetcorn and pumpkin and orange rind and nutmeg.  And then the sun goes in, and the blue-green turns pewter and the nutmeg becomes leaves like rattlesnake scales rasping the colour from the pavements.  And then it is time for gin.

So a brittle-bright blue-green gin is Hendricks®, which you pour over green-green cucumber, so I was taught: and you use plenty of cucumber so that it lasts through the top-ups because once you are on your third G&T you may not be able to locate the cucumber let alone slice it.

Hendricks comes in a brown bottle that looks like something from the alchemist’s shelves, like it ought to contain potassium permanganate rather than fresh cucumber green and tin.  It is always a good idea to keep your gin in something that reminds people of chemistry practicals: you will never have to share it.

Not that there is much left to share.

If the above seems uncharacteristically lyrical, it is because I am using a paint brochure as a coaster and whenever I lift my drink (which is often) I get inspired by interesting colour names.  The brochure does not actually mention the colour green-green, but after a gin or three it seems a perfectly sensible tonal combination, all things considered.  No chance of clashing.  Just green on green, two greens, double the greeniness.  I think perhaps it is time to go to bed and watch the clocks go back.

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