Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A Happy Hour and a Pleasure Room

6 May 2015, 5.45 pm

We head for Happy Hour.  With my usual flair for causing havoc, I set off the alarm in the CIPA lift.  This is what comes of leaning back too nonchalantly with a large straw-filled rucksack on your back.

It is interesting to note what happens when you activate a lift alarm.  First there is a lot of beeping and electronic wailing, which everyone thinks is caused by someone else’s mobile.  Then there is a big fat nothing.  Eventually the lift intercom broadcasts a rather bored “Yeah?”, but it is clear that the source of this broadcast has not the slightest interest in your reply.  The fact that there might be a real actual person trapped in a real actual lift is clearly insufficient to generate a sense of urgency.

Happy Hour is being held under the glow of a large neon sign saying “Pleasure Room”.  It is not clear whether this refers to the room we are actually in or another room in the corner which we are being invited to explore.  I’m not sure I particularly want to know the answer.  Although I guess if CIPA does want to expand into new premises and install a bar and a dance floor, we should get a little more savvy about such things.  Perhaps every commercial venue these days needs a bar, a dance floor and a Pleasure Room. 

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