Saturday, 20 June 2015

Breakfast in IP - for women AND men

15 May 2015, 4.30 pm

There appears to be confusion over a breakfast meeting which CIPA is arranging for some US attorney visitors.  The first confusion is over the menu.  Some people, it seems, are expecting bacon, egg, sausage, tomato, fried bread and brown sauce.  Others, perhaps more realistically, are expecting fancy-pantsy flaky Continental things.  Personally, since the Americans are coming, I am expecting pancakes and muffins and grits. 

The second confusion is about whether this is a meeting about Diversity in IP or a meeting about Women in IP.  If it is about Women in IP, say the men in IP, then it is Not Fair and we are going to go anyway so ner-ner.  I have no problem with this.  Men are welcome to come to any meeting, whether it is about women or about diversity in general.  So long as they understand that there may not be enough toilets for them.  And they agree not to sit there absent-mindedly scratching their inside legs while someone is offering them muffins and grits.

Either way, there does not appear to be any confusion over the time of the meeting.  Although, one or two of us have questioned the existence of an 8.15 am on a Monday morning.  Who on earth invented that?

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  1. Andrea, if you re-read can you spot the sentence some ppl (including women) may ask why you have included it?