Monday, 15 June 2015

Warming up for CIPA Congress

13 May 2015, 10.30 am

The Congress Steering Committee meets.  We talk about the Big Cheese speakers we have lined up.  They are already being primed to make Controversial Assertions so as to stimulate Lively Debate.  The primary intended outcome is actually not so much the debate as a more life-sustaining temperature in the meeting room.  In previous years it has been a little on the northern side.  This year, with sessions on the commoditisation of legal services, the replacement of IP attorneys with Artificial Intelligence, and whether IP hinders innovation, there is a risk that the room will get so hot it will spontaneously combust.  We might as well rebrand the event Hot CIPA. 


Personally, I doubt that Artificial Intelligence could ever be a match for the more astute members of the patent profession.  But if they ever come up with Artificial Social Skills, then we will have to start watching our backs.  And they won’t have to try too hard either. 

The session on AI has been allocated to Mr Davies and the EyePeePee Train Man.  Since the EyePeePee has little real interest in anything that isn’t steam-driven, it has been left to Mr Davies to do the bulk of the getting excited about this.  And excited he is, too.  He has called the session: Disruptive Technologies.  He is very fond of the word “disruptive”, our Mr Davies.  He has had it shouted at him often enough.

The only person who has not progressed her allocated session particularly much is of course me.  I try to make this seem deliberate.

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