Sunday, 26 October 2014

A proud moment

23 October 2014, 11 am

This must be the pinnacle of my career!  I am at CIPA, signing letters as VeePee.  Proper letters, on proper CIPA headed notepaper.  With my very own signature.  Which is a bit blotchy because my pen has been on a lot of long train journeys and it wasn’t that good before the train journeys started, in fact I think I nicked it from a conference in 2009 and I would have been better off nicking the boiled sweets.

I remember a time when I would not have been allowed anywhere near the CIPA headed notepaper.  It would have been whisked away for fear of me misusing it in some way – a not unfounded fear, I have to admit.  But today they have no choice.  Today we have to invite a load of important people to come to a meeting about diversity.  So today it is mine, all mine, and I feel very proud and important, and it is all I can do to stop myself asking Mr Lampert to take a photo of me doing the blotchy signatures so that I can show my mum.

Only Mr Lampert is busy.  Reading emails.  Mainly from me.

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