Sunday, 12 October 2014

Making an impact - with straw

6 October 2014

I am on the CIPA LinkedIn® discussion forum.  “You’re making an impact!” it crows excitedly.  I am?  Well, there’s a thing!  If I reach the Top Contributor level, it tells me, I will get a “group badge”.  Yay!  Presumably these badges are also available at £1 a pack from Tesco®.  Is there no end to the decorations I can acquire with the weekly groceries?

It appears I have been making an impact largely because of the straw I shed during my VeePee speech at Congress.  People have been asking when the performance will be viewable on YouTube®.  Worse, Mr Davies has been telling them it will be soon.  I am thinking: it is possible to be famous for the wrong reasons, and straw is probably one of them.  Right now I am not exactly shining through as the Institute’s most eminent and authoritative VeePee ever.

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