Monday, 20 October 2014

The Afternoon Tea Society

14 October 2014, 2 pm

There is an inaugural meeting of the Patent Attorneyettes’ Afternoon Tea Society.  There are only two of us there, but that’s OK because we are the Founding Members.  We eat dainty scones with jam and cream, left behind from the lunch-time meeting.  It is a well-known fact that dainty scones have proportionately fewer calories than thumping great scones, and so we feel justified in eating thumping great quantities of the dainty scones.

On the way home, the fuel consumption readout on my dashboard suggests that maybe there was a little more ballast in the dainty scones than I had suspected.  But the PAATS is up and running, and that is what matters.  Or perhaps not "running", exactly – not with that much ballast on board.

We are recruiting new members, so do get in touch.  You can be a student, an associate or a fellow.  To be a fellow you have to be able to eat a clotted cream tea, two toasted teacakes, three caramel custard tarts and a thumping great chocolate fudge cake sandwich with cream.  In one dainty sitting.  We have gold standards to maintain, after all, and we cannot have the Germans getting ahead just because they can make Apfelstrudel.

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