Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Empty nests & burnt granola

4 October 2014

My eldest daughter leaves for university.  I am supposed to suffer from empty nest syndrome.  But actually the nest is far from empty; it is still full of all the rubbish she was told to clear out a month ago.

She is hoping that the Tidying-Up Pixies will visit whilst she’s busy pretending to do a degree.  Personally I would rather it were the Environmental Health Pixies.  They will need industrial tools to deal with some of this mess.

I have been led to believe that Proper Mothers hold their children’s hands all the way to their first hall of residence, and make their beds for them and leave home-baked goodies and freshly-laundered clothes before waving a tearful goodbye.  The reality, in our family, is that I am off doing CIPA-related things on the day she leaves; that she will do her own laundry like she always does, or if she doesn’t then she will smell and make no friends; and that I know there is no point making the bed because she will only go and sleep in it and if the bed-linen has to last a whole term it is probably better left in its packaging.  I do however send her off with a tub of home-made slightly-burnt granola, which is just about all I know how to make. 

Anyway she will be staying within ten minutes’ walk of Paddington station.  She thinks this may be good because when I come to London on CIPA business I will be able to call in and take her out for dinner.  What she doesn’t know is that I will be calling in and asking to kip on her floor instead of in a cheapskate CIPA-sanctioned hotel with a pocket-sized bar of soap and a bedroom only just big enough to hold it.

I suspect Proper Mothers do not ask to kip on their daughters’ floors for the night.  And I confess to being a tad worried about what I will find there.  Slightly-burnt granola, for a start.

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