Monday, 20 October 2014

I am a trend-setter!

15 October 2014, 12 noon

I receive an email from an events company that has long been misinterpreting my “unsubscribe” messages as an attempt to be friendly.  This email tells me about exciting venues in London and wonderful ways to brighten up your office Christmas party if your staff have become so apathetic that a cracker and a balloon no longer provoke a response.

This email says – and I kid you not – that “business meetings over afternoon tea are officially a thing.”  Wow!  I am a Trend-Setter!

I am now looking forward to hearing that pulling straw from a briefcase is the way to win a business pitch.  Although judging by The Apprentice last night, actually the way to win business is to slap on hodfuls of makeup and lurch about in six-inch heels.  That is, if you’re a girl.  I do not know what you are supposed to do if you’re a bloke.  Just turn up, I guess.

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