Saturday, 11 October 2014

SILC and free beer

4 October 2014

I meet with a large group of IP attorneys and spoil their evening meal by talking to them about CIPA.  In the circumstances, they are remarkably polite.

Some interesting feedback emerges.  They have no recollection of Mr Lampert’s buzzy new e-newsletter.  (I can only think their spam filters have consigned it to the same folder as the bulletins from the Nigerian prince.)  They have never heard of SILC.  They do not realise they missed Congress this week.  And they regard the CIPA Journal as an elaborate way of sending them a plastic bag once a month. 

They have no idea who I am or why I am here.  Although to be fair, often I don’t either.

It is hard to initiate a meaningful debate on the value of CIPA membership, because none of them knows what CIPA membership costs.  I ask them to guess.  They hardly get above the reserve price.  Then I ask what they would like CIPA to provide as part of the membership package.  There is a silence, then a stirring at the back of the room, and finally someone shouts: “Free beer!”

I fear this may be getting out of hand.  Exactly which part of SILC do they think stands for Free Beer??


  1. I love my profession :-)

    I really have no idea whether I chose it, or it chose me.

  2. Claim for free beer fails - no enabling disclosure