Friday, 24 October 2014

How to spend a weekend

19 October 2014, 11.30 am

Today, I tell myself, I am not going to do anything CIPA-related.  Today is a Sunday and on a Sunday, everyone except Sad People and Family People does exciting things, and Family People do things with their families. 

But I get involved with some domestic chore or other related to putting food on the table.  And as everyone knows I am easily distracted from domestic chores, and before I know it I am firing off emails again and the domestic chore is stuck to the inside of the oven.

I have something of a reputation at CIPA for sending too many emails.  In fact, it is beginning to look bad that I don't include an “unsubscribe” option in my signature.  Mr Lampert is planning to mark me as spam just so he can get a day’s work done now and then.

I cannot help it though.  I just keep getting these ideas.  And unfortunately they come through unfiltered, without labels to say “Possibly feasible but not this decade”, “This one is a bit naff” or “Are you mad?”.  So I have to send them to my friends at CIPA for what is generally referred to as a sanity check but which in my case is obviously some way past that point. 

Usually people ignore my messages and carry on politely emailing around me, rather than telling me what they really think.  But every now and then someone says "OK then", just for a laugh, or perhaps for a dare, and then I end up running a task force or organising a meeting or going On Tour.  And this is basically why CIPA will never end up ruling the world.

Actually, the reason they agreed to the On Tour idea was because they thought it would keep me out of their hair for a bit.  My family were similarly supportive of the idea of me not being around for long periods, and were in fact most dismayed to find me back this weekend sticking domestic chores to the sides of their kitchen appliances.  They cannot wait till it is gin and tonic time.


19 October 2014, 3 pm

It is gin and tonic time.  (It comes earlier in the autumn, so my family tell me.)  Everyone is safe from the emails.  The domestic chores have been cleaned up.  I am sitting quietly with my tonicky thing, trying to remember why it is Sunday and what happened to that idea I had the other day.  I presume Mr Lampert is dealing with it.  He is nice like that, Mr Lampert.  I must email him to say thank you.


20 October 2014

Monday.  Back to work.  I send 327½ emails on CIPA-related business.  The ½ was to the EyePeePee, who only reads the first few lines anyway unless the email is about steam engines.  Overall, a jolly productive day, I think.

Mr Davies sends me an article about trolls.  Hmm.

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