Sunday, 19 October 2014

Goodbye Super Sarah!

10 October 2014, 4 pm

It is Super Sarah’s last day at CIPA.  Super Sarah’s official job title is Mr Davies’s PA, but in reality she is Mr Davies’s brain.  And when Mr Davies is not using his, she is my brain too.  Sarah knows who everyone is and where they are supposed to be RIGHT NOW.  If they are not where they’re supposed to be, she can arrange for them to be teleported, just as she can arrange hotels and taxis and conference calls and for extremely cogent and intelligent-sounding letters to be sent out in the Officers’ names without us even realising we’ve done it.  We are going to miss her.

Mr Davies gives Super Sarah a hat as a leaving present.  It is a rather fabulous hat and I am very jealous.  I wonder whether I should leave too, so that I can have one.  Mr Davies intimates that this is not how things are likely to pan out. 

Super Sarah’s replacement is called Gary.  Gary looks relaxed and cheerful.  It is almost as though Mr Davies has not yet explained his job description to him.  But surely that cannot be.

I will send him a hat catalogue.  It does no harm to be prepared.

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