Sunday, 19 October 2014

Positive feedback (and no free beer)

14 October 2014, 12 noon

The Grand Tour has begun.  (No thanks to the M4.)  Mr Davies and I are meeting with a group of in-house patent managers and asking them what they think of CIPA.  We are quite encouraged.  They are proud to be CIPA members.  And they want CIPA to maintain the gold standard of patent attorneyism for which we are known and loved throughout the world, except of course in Germany where they are cross about it.

The patent managers say we should teach all UK attorneys to be commercially astute, so that we can get one up on the Germans.  Someone suggests a mini MBA course.  I think perhaps we should start with a Ladybird® book and see how we get on.

We are excited to hear that these people actually like the CIPA Journal.  Although it appears they would rather it were available as a controlled release implant, to save them time.

They also like the CPD webinars.  They like regional meetings.  They like the patent administrators’ course, and would like an advanced one too.  They like getting updates on law changes and policy consultations and other IP-related stuff, though sadly, Mr Lampert’s wizzy e-newsletter seems not to be getting through the spam filters.  I must tell him to stop using SILC in the heading, because half the spam filters will think he is a Nigerian prince who cannot spell and half of them will think he is offering kinky underwear: this means that the only people receiving the newsletter will be those without spam filters, and they are likely to be too busy reading about Nigerian princesses in negligées.

The great thing is that in 90 minutes or so of chatting, there is not one mention of free beer.  I have to say I am mightily relieved.  I was not looking forward to putting a proposal to Council about that.

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