Friday, 29 May 2015

A Magni#fficent Mani#ffesto

23 April 2015

CIPA launches its Magnificent Manifesto and CIPA: The Movie with the cartoon trees.  The watering can spout has gained a rose, to show that it is indeed a watering can spout and not just a peripheral view of somebody getting rid of an evening’s worth of beer.  To be clear: the IP in IPA does not normally stand for Intellectual Property.

Mr Lampert, our Chief Shouty Person, has called the manifesto and the movie “An Economy of Ideas”.  They are quite, quite brilliant.  I am filled with a warm sense of pride, and am almost beginning to look forward to being President at such an exciting time.  There is evidence to suggest that things are now so buoyant at CIPA that even a year of me will not suffice to deflate them.  


24 April 2015

Today is #ff Friday and I have learnt that on Twitter® you can #ff someone on a Friday and that this is actually a Nice Thing to do not an insult like you would expect.  I try to think of someone I like well enough to #ff them and who will not misunderstand the gesture and tell me to #ff myself.  After nearly an hour of #ff-ing around on this I have to stop to spend some time with the #ff family.  I guess I have #ff failed as a Twitterer.

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