Thursday, 14 May 2015

Pickle-planning in Brizzle

16 April 2015, 10 am

The Pee, the Chief Eggsek (AKA Mr Davies) and I visit some patent attorneys in Brizzle.  They tell us they would like to do more to help CIPA.  We say Excellent, you are just in time; here are the application forms for being President and Vice-President.  They say No, not that kind of help.

In the afternoon, it is the annual West of England CPD seminar.  Since I have 90 million CPD points already this year, due to having to tag along to every single CIPA meeting and also being quite bad at adding up, I bow out of some of the talks and help Mr Davies and Mr Lampert to plan the New President’s Pickled Anatomy Party.  I am going to go as an appendix, because that is the part that no-one really needs any more.

We make a list of the people we’re going to invite to the Pickled Anatomy Party.  They say I cannot bring my own friends, and I say that’s OK because I don’t think she’s free that day.  But I am allowed to invite Influential People, who will be just thrilled to meet the UK’s chief patent attorney I’m sure.  Perhaps the Prime Minister, only we do not know yet who that will be; and The Queen, who is a bit easier to pin down because she has been The Queen for ever; and of course Professor Brian Cox who has still not replied to Mr Davies’s letter but would surely be delighted to address a roomful of floating body parts even if some of them were a bit nerdy.


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