Monday, 4 May 2015

Random March musings

20 March 2015

There is something astronomical going on with the sun today.  My techy son leaves me a tin-foil filter to look through and heads off to school with his telescope. 

I peer at the sun.  It looks pretty much like the moon.  And since the moon gets eclipsed several times a month, I cannot really see what all the fuss is about.  I put the filter in the kitchen drawer with the baking foil.  It might come in useful next time we have a barbecue. 


23 March 2015

Someone on the diversity task force tells me that there is an organisation called the “STEMettes”.  STEMettes are girlies who do STEM subjects.  Like patent attorneyettes are girlies who do patent attorneying.  People laughed at me when I started using that term.  Well, ha!  It is catching on, see?  I tell him we absolutely have to work with the STEMettes because how could you not work with a group of people who call themselves that?? 


24 March 2015

I go to see the dentist, who assumes I also want to spend £40 seeing the hygienist, who clamps me down and attacks my teeth before I have the opportunity to question whether the assumption is fairly based.  There is the usual piped music in the air.  It is a special dentists-only recording of Bits-of-Vivaldi-that-you-really-must-listen-to-while-having-Stuff-removed-from-your-Teeth.  Every dentist has this recording.  I do not think it is worth £40.

Vivaldi originally wrote four seasons.  There seem to be at least twenty-four in the dentists’ recording.  Perhaps that is how they justify the £40.  One of the twenty-four seasons resonates painfully with the whizzing whining polishing instrument.  Winter, I think.

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