Sunday, 31 May 2015

Eating in Scotland

29 April 2015, 10 am

My Meet-the-Biscuits, I mean Meet-the-Members, campaign continues.  I am still having excellent fun.  In fact, I am, in the words of the great politician David Cameron, totally Pumped Up about this campaign.

Today it is Scotland, which means a ridiculously early start to get to EasyJet® Airport on the outskirts of Brizzle in time for a ridiculously cramped flight to Glasgow.  In Glasgow I am treated to shortbread and in Edinburgh, later in the day, extremely chocolate-coated biscuits.  At the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, the people from the PatLib team buy me a slice of ginger cake, although we then start talking about IP triage and the medical allusions do put me off the cake a bit.  Sadly, no-one offers me haggis-flavoured shortcake, as I’d been hoping, but you can’t have it all.

Not that I am obsessed with what people give me to eat, you understand. 

In Edinburgh another deranged CIPA member, clearly overcome by bonhomie and biscuits, offers himself up as a regional representative.  I say You don’t need to decide today; I’ll send you some information, but he says No really, I want to do this, and it is like he is standing on the edge of an ice-cold crocodile-infested lake and would just like to jump in and get it over with as quickly as possible.

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