Saturday, 2 May 2015

Biscuits in Leeds

18 March 2015

I visit lots of CIPA members in Leeds.  To get to Leeds you have to go a long way up the M1 – which is a vital part of the UK’s roadworks infrastructure – until you have almost given up hope, and then you have to turn left.  Then you turn left again and you are in Poundworld®.  Only you must park your car first, and unfortunately that costs quite a bit more than a pound.

The CIPA members are very hospitable.  I get biscuits, then lunch, then more biscuits.  I get quizzed on the Strategic Plan, which I am pleased about because it shows people have actually read the document rather than using it as a placemat. 

One of the meetings is a video-conference that people have networked into from other Oop North places.  I have never done a video-conference before.  I do not know where to look.  There is a camera to one side and there are the Leeds people on the other side and if I look at the camera the Leeds people will think I am rude but if I look at the Leeds people the folk elsewhere will think I am shifty and untrustworthy.  In the end I settle for looking at the biscuits.  They are full of calories, of course, but these are northern calories so they do not make you fat they just make you well ’ard.  I take two.

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