Saturday, 9 May 2015

Looking at water & missing the fun

3 April 2015

This week I have been mainly looking at water.  I have not therefore been doing any CIPA work. 

My kagoul is wet.  The clothes I was wearing underneath my kagoul are wet, thus leading me to question what feature of said kagoul actually qualifies it as a waterproof over-garment.  My walking boots are covered in souvenirs of sheep, “souvenirs” being in this context a euphemism and unrelated to jelly beans. 

There were indeed no hovercraft and no garibaldis.  A ferry across a lake with a slab of Kendal Mint Cake in my pocket proved scant compensation.  The Mint Cake has in any case turned into Kendal Mint Sauce, on account of the apparently non-existent water-repelling properties of the kagoul.  It has a taste of sheep about it too, and I am not talking about the Sunday roast type of flavour.

While I was away, I missed the April Council meeting.  This was intended to be the highlight of the week (the missing of it, that is; not the meeting itself).  But what do you know?  They pick this week to enjoy major excitement at 95 Chancery Lane.  A band of top-level jewel thieves instigates a Cunning Plan to shut down Holborn and Chancery Lane with some underground pyrotechnics, so as to be free to raid a load of posh shops while everyone else is running around wondering how to function without the internet.  The CIPA building is evacuated and Council has to relocate en masse to another venue.  The desire not to be in a burning building is possibly the only thing that all Council members have agreed on for the last ten years.  Although I imagine that once out on the street, there would have been lengthy debate about relocation procedures and the Bye-Laws.

Why, oh why do I always miss all the fun??

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