Monday, 11 May 2015

The Administrators' Committee

9 April 2015

CIPA is still without communications.  The jewel thieves have refused to give the internet back.  Or something.  BT seems not to have a Cunning Plan of its own and so no-one is able to ring up the jewel thieves to negotiate.

We continue, undaunted, with the second meeting of our new Administrators’ Committee.  Everyone dials in to a bit of the internet that hasn’t yet been stolen, and in this way we hold our deliberations in a virtual space somewhere just north of Kettering.  Ms Sear updates us on the new version of the administrators’ course, which will be up and running in time for September 2015 provided the horoscopes are favourably aligned, one or two minor miracles occur (including reassembly of the internet) and everybody gets their fingers out pronto.

We talk about the benefits that CIPA should be providing for its administrator members.  Funnily enough, nobody mentions a special version of the CIPA tie pin.

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