Sunday, 10 May 2015

Thoughts on diversity

7 April 2015

Back to work.  I begin making my own Cunning Plans for the diversity task force (da-da-da-DA!!). 

On Twitter® and the IPKat, some folk are still banging on about the stupidness of trying to improve diversity.  They say: if you are going to start support groups for women and Asians and gays and state school-educated slobs and all sorts of other weirdos, then you should also start a support group for white middle class men.  To which I say: we already have support groups for white middle class men.  They are all over the place.  They are called Board Meetings and Partners’ Meetings and Council Meetings and if you are a white middle class male in IP and have not yet found your way to one of these support groups then you probably have a lot more to worry about than competition from black transgender women.  Better start scanning the job adverts.

I do not understand the problem with trying to improve diversity, anyway.  Call me naïve, but does it not simply boil down to Being Nice to People?  And if you spot people who look lonely or vulnerable, should you not be Extra Nice to them?  #Justsaying.

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