Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Dead posh at The Ritz

25 March 2015

Wow!  I am at The Ritz.  It is dead posh and plush and there are blokes everywhere with white gloves on, helping you find your way to the right doorway.  I am pointed in the direction of the revolving door five times before they finally let me stay inside.

Today is the Licensing Executives Society annual seminar and lunch, and I have been invited as the after-lunch speaker.  I am not supposed to be nicking all the Ritz souvenir pens but I cannot help myself.

Despite being posh and plush and riddled with white-gloved men, The Ritz is not very good at serving lunch on schedule.  By the time I stand up to make my speech, most people have gone back to work for the afternoon.  Those who are left are either busy dealing with their desserts, or have started on their afternoon naps.  I try to keep an eye on my own dessert, in case anyone pinches it while they are supposed to be listening to my speech.

I tell people that we must all train together so that patent attorneys can become more commercially aware and licensing people can understand why it is not a piece of cake to get a patent for something simply because it happens to be in the business plan.  Pretty much all of my talks go along these lines.  It makes them easier to remember.

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