Friday, 15 May 2015

CIPA: The Movie

16 April 2015, 4 pm

Following a bit of an argument with his laptop, Mr Lampert treats the seminar delegates to a sneak preview of CIPA: The Movie.  This is a short animation about the importance of IP to the economy and the importance of CIPA to IP.  It is absolutely marvellous.  It is also quite unlike anything CIPA has ever put into the public domain before.  It stars some cartoon trees which sprout money instead of leaves, and a lot of circles, which are Virtuous Circles to show that if you look after your IP it will make you money and then you can invest the money in more IP and that way you can keep your local patent attorneys in the manner to which they have become accustomed.  

There is also a cartoon watering can to water the cartoon trees, but you only see its spout and some of us are worried that the spout doesn’t look like a watering can at all.

We are going to launch our cartoon circles to mark World IP Day, together with our Magnificent Manifesto.  Mr Davies has been tweaking the manifesto to make it absolutely perfect, and Mr Lampert has been making it look colourful, and I think possibly Mr Davies has added in something to suggest Professor Brian Cox should be the next Prime Minister.  It is going to be the most exciting World IP Day ever.

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