Thursday, 21 May 2015

Regional reps

20 April 2015

It appears we have another volunteer to be a Regional Representative.  This one is for Merseyside and the North-West.  We also have one for the Land of Cat-flaps I mean Flat Caps (ie T’Oop North But Not the Bit on t’Wrong Side o’ t’Pennines) and one for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (ie The Seaside).  We have a potential volunteer for the Wess Curntry too, but he is still thinking about whether it is wise to take responsibility for what happens in Zummerzet bearing in mind the amount of straw there is.  I hope he agrees anyway.

It is going to be great being a regional rep.  You will be able to run happy hours, and happy hours disguised as CPD seminars, and happy hours disguised as Collaborative Training Experiences, all on your own doorstep and subsidised by CIPA.  You will be sent hot-off-the-press Institute news to disseminate among the patent attorneys in your region, and when they complain you will be able to channel the complaints directly to CIPA without needing to spend hours on LinkedIn®.  You will have your own email address, and a bit of space on the whizzy new website when it is built.  You may even get a list of CIPA members in your region, once the replacement database is up and running, which is quite a luxury because at the moment if anyone wants such complex information the Membership Team have to spend hours on Google Maps.

And if you are ambitious, you will be able to build up enough of a following to push for devolution, which is quite fashionable these days, and then you will be able to have your own Council and your own Presidential swimming-gala medal. 

But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself.  Let’s just start with the happy hours.

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