Saturday, 30 May 2015

Election countdown

28 April 2015, 4 pm

The Election is on.  Voting begins.  I am not talking about the General Election, of course, but about the Specific Election, which is for CIPA Council and the new Pee and VeePee, and it is possible that the new Pee will be me.  Which is scary, whichever way you look at it. 

I log on and cast my votes.  I decide I had probably better vote for myself although I am still not 100% convinced this is the best of the available options.  I am hoping that one or two other people also vote for me, because it doesn’t seem right, somehow, that you can become Pee just by voting for yourself and nobody else having the time and energy to oppose you.

That’s the trouble with democracy: it only works if you’ve got more than one person stupid enough to stand in the firing line.  Perhaps we should make every CIPA Fellow stand for President at least once in their career; the voting would be heaps more fun that way.

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